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Date: 23 June 2021; Online

Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm (EET)
On 20 July, the Czech company ADVACAM – a company using CERN Medipix technology – was included among the key innovators by the Innovation Radar of the European Commission, and its Spectrometric Transmission X-ray Camera (used in the X-Mine Project) was included among the key innovations. The European Commission’s initiative seeks to identify high-potential innovations supported by European Union sources; it has evaluated the camera, whose equivalent ADVACAM supplies NASA for example, as an innovation with very high market potential ready to enter the market. Among the key innovations it also included devices that ADVACAM cameras use within the X-Mine Project: a revolutionary rock analyser from the Swedish company Orexplore and an innovative sorting line from the Polish company Comex.

The X-Mine Project, led by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, was created to support the European mining industry. The aim of the project is to create new technologies for a more independent, self-sufficient, but also more ecological mining industry in Europe. The project started in 2017, its consortium has 15 members from various European countries, and the European Union has supported it with 9.3 million Euros. So far the project has already resulted in new technologies to reduce the impact on the environment, with lower energy consumption and lower emissions, as well as significantly lower water consumption.

The event will demonstrate how implementation of new XRF- XRT-technology in scanning of exploration drill core, collection of data for 3D-modelling of ore deposits and sorting of minerals can improve the efficiency in exploration and increase the sustainability of mining operations.

Program Agenda

09:00 Welcoming words for session 1: Janne Paaso, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

09:15 Introduction to X-MINE sensor development: Janne Paaso

09:20 Fast single-photon counting X-ray cameras: Stepan Polansky and Jan Jakubek, Advacam, Czech Republic ▪

09:35 High-speed stereovision camera system: Peter Katarzynski, Antmicro, Poland ▪

09:40 Highly sensitive XRF spectrometer: Mikael Bergqvist, Orexplore, Sweden

10:00 Short break

10:10 X-MINE prototypes in the mining value chain: Janne Paaso ▪

10:15 Drill core scanner: Mikael Bergqvist, Orexplore, Sweden ▪

10:30 XRT/XRF data used for modelling in exploration and mining: Ronald Arvidsson, SGU, Sweden ▪

10:45 Sensor evaluation and integration for sorting applications: Pekka Kilpeläinen, VTT, Finland ▪

11:00 Comex research facility and mineral sorting prototype: Jacek Kolacz, Comex, Poland

11:15 Summary and discussion

11:30 End of session 1 ————————————

13:00 Welcoming words for session 2: Janne Paaso

13:15 3D modelling in the X-MINE project, Ronald Arvidsson, SGU, Sweden

13:30 Asarel Medet company presentation: Desislav Ivanov, Asarel Medet, Bulgaria

13:40 Drill core scanner pilot at Asarel Medet: Desislav Ivanov, Asarel Medet, Bulgaria

14:00 Mineral sorting pilot at Asarel Medet: Ventsislav Stoilov, Asarel Medet, Bulgaria

14:20 Short break

14:30 Lovisagruvan pilot summary: Jan-Erik Björklund and Mathias Svenlöv, Lovisagruvan, Sweden

14:45 Hellas Gold pilot summary: TBD, Hellas Gold, Greece

15:00 Hellenic Copper Mines pilot summary: Georgios Kalogeropoulos, Hellenic Copper Mines, Cyprus

15:15 X-MINE exploitation and impacts: Ismo Ruohomäki, VTT, Finland

15:30 Discussion: Expert panel

16:00 Closing words (Representative of European Commission)

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