Noise Control Engineering

We employ various techniques and technologies in the field of noise control engineering that focuses on reducing or eliminating noise and vibrations in various environments.

It involves the design and implementation of measures to control and mitigate noise pollution caused by industrial processes, transportation systems, construction sites, building services and other sources by using sound barriers and enclosures, soundproofing materials, vibration damping techniques, and acoustic design principles.

The ultimate objective of noise control engineering:

  • to create a quieter and more comfortable environment for people,
  • reduce the risk of hearing damage
  • reduce other health issues associated with prolonged exposure to high noise levels
  • comply with regulatory standards and guidelines.


Noise control engineering involves the following methodology:

  • noise measurements and analysis
  • prediction and modelling of noise levels
  • development and implementation of noise control plans
  • selection and installation of noise control measures
  • post monitoring and evaluation of noise reduction effectiveness.

Overall, noise control engineering plays a crucial role in ensuring a better quality of life for individuals and communities, and better workplace condition by minimizing the negative impacts of excessive noise.


Gas and Steam Turbine Power Systems and Air Separation Systems

Process Industrial Silencer

Exhaust Silencer

Building Services Noise Reduction

Power Plant Noise Reduction

Data Center Noise Control



Duct Noise

Sound Absorption Panels

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