Predictive Maintenance and Fault Detection Solutions for Transformer, Rotating Machines, and Power Electronics

We offer predictive maintenance solutions as part of our asset management and reliability services

  • to solar farms, battery storage systems, wind turbines, petrochemical plants, oil and gas platforms, food and beverage plants, mining industry, and other industry plants
  • to predict when and where potential breakdowns in equipment could occur and move to respond to them in order to prevent potential failures which may cost a lot to repair, unscheduled downtime or shutdown, fewer redundant inspections, and ineffective preventive maintenance measures
  • using condition-based maintenance or condition-based monitoring as one of our approaches in predictive maintenance


Predictive maintenance (PdM) is a proactive approach utilising condition-based-monitoring equipment to assess the performance of assets through a more real-time, data-driven approach to identify potential issues or failures before they occur.

Predictive maintenance uses machine learning or artificial intelligence with huge volumes of data to anticipate and address potential issues before they lead to breakdowns in operations, processes, services, or systems.

Implementing predictive maintenance solutions enables plants to maintain critical assets for as long as possible in order to ensure that systems remain operational. This allows plants to use their existing data to stay a step ahead of potential breakdowns or disruptions and address them proactively, instead of reacting to issues as they arise. This includes:

Condition-based maintenance or condition-based monitoring approach describes the use of machine monitoring sensors to collect and transmit real-time data about the current, up-to-the-minute health of the machine, enabling more proactive maintenance by addressing potential issues or failures prior failure and unscheduled downtime. This approach aligns to a predictive maintenance plan where there is no waiting time for equipment shutdown or malfunction to occur, nor conducting maintenance when it is not necessary. By incorporating constant machine health monitoring through the use of sensor technology, improvements in maintenance effectiveness and efficiency will be seen with a corresponding reduction in costs and improvement in overall production output.

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