BeanDevice® 2.4GHz AX-3D-SR


Wireless and Ultra-Low Noise Vibration Sensor | SCALABLE MEASURING RANGE

The BeanDevice® 2.4GHzAX-3D SR is a high-performance wireless vibration sensor with a scalable measuring range (±1.2G and ±2.4G with automatic range adjustment depending on the application). It offers a high level of precision (±0.7mg for ±1.2G range, ±1.3mg for ±2.4G range at 1Hz ) and integrates a temperature sensor (located on the device base) for monitoring the temperature on your equipment or structure.
Characterized by a waterproof (IP67/Nema 6) and a lightweight aluminum casing, an ultra-low power (40 µA in sleeping mode), an integrated data logger that can store up to 8 million data logs, as well as a tiny radome omni antenna enabling a maximum wireless range of 500 meters (L.O.S.), this wireless vibration sensor is well suited for industrial applications where a low level of noise is needed.
This IOT sensor is provided with a free of cost version of our eco-friendly supervision software BeanScape® 2.4GHz Lite (real-time data display, data measurements backed-up on CSV log files).



  • High performance wireless tri-axial vibration sensor based on MEMS Technology
  • Scalable Range: ±1.2G or ±2.4G with automatic range adjustment
  • Time-synchronized wireless sensor networks (±2.5ms of accuracy)
  • Waterproof (IP67 | Nema 6) aluminum casing (dimensions Lxlxh: 100x71x38 mm)
  • Integrated Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery with industrial battery charger (8-28VDC)
  • Embedded data logger : up to 8 millions data points (with events dating)
  • Excellent radio link budget thanks to our antenna diversity innovative designed by Beanair®

How It Works?


Bridge Monitoring


Test and Measurement


Automotive Testing


Condition Monitoring


First steps into BeanAir Industrial Internet of Things Sensors

Recent developments in sensor technology, especially when wireless technology is considered, have opened up new gates in terms of health monitoring and preemptive fault detection.
To meet these new challenges, BeanAir, a leading German company in sensing technology, designs and manufactures smart, rugged and time-synchronized wireless sensor networks.
Based on a smart combination of high-end sensors (acceleration, vibration, shock, tilt, temperature, humidity…) and a reliable wireless protocol, BeanAir Wireless Sensor Networks constitute an outstanding technology for various applications: Structural Health Monitoring for Civil Engineering, Automotive Testing, Flight Test Measurement, Technical Building management, Environmental Monitoring….
Furthermore, the high-level of versatility, performance and reliability of its wireless sensors, in addition to a worldwide presence thanks to effective system integrators and distribution partners, Beanairhas acquired an international outreach ( China, Japan, Korea, Australia, US, Europe, South Africa, etc) and continues to maintain a strong reputation with major customers in numerous sectors.
By leveraging our expertise in Wireless Sensor Network technology, BeanAir contributes to enhancing the user experience in sensing technology.


BeanDevice® 2.4GHz AX-3D-SR Datasheet
BeanDevice® 2.4GHz AX-3D-SR Manual
BeanDevice® 2.4GHz AX-3D-SR Selection Guide

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