BeanDevice® WIFI Wilow® AX-3DS


Wireless IOT Accelerometer Sensor | Shock and Impact Monitoring

While the clear majority of wireless IOT sensors are not suitable for harsh industrial environment, the BeanDevice® WiLow®AX-3DS wireless shock sensor integrates an innovative antenna diversity design, boosting the radio link quality in environments subject to random and diverse disturbances. The wireless range can be extended by adding third-party WIFI Repeaters.
Thanks to WIFI technology, this wireless IOT sensor can be used for dynamic measurement without network bottleneck issues.
The BeanDevice® WiLow® AX-3DS is an ULP (Ultra-Low-Power) WIFI accelerometer dedicated to shock detectionwith built-in data logger and a scalable measurement range (±2/4/8/16g).



Characterized by a waterproof (IP67/Nema 6) and a lightweight aluminum casing (65x59x35mm, 220g), an ultra-low power mode (0.2 mA in battery saver mode), a built-in data logger which can reach 5 million data logs, as well as a tiny radome omni antenna enabling a maximum wireless range of 200 meters (L.O.S.), this outstanding ULP WIFI accelerometer is dedicated to Structural Health Monitoring, Condition Monitoring and many kind of industrial monitoring applications.


  • IOT Ready: integrates MQTT data exchange, an open-source Internet of Things (IOT) protocol.
  • Scalable shock measurement range: ±2/4/8/16g
  • SSD (Smart Shock Detection) allows to trigger data acquisition on a shock detection
  • ULP (Ultra Low Power) Wifi technology.
  • Waterproof (IP67|NEMA 6) and Rugged aluminum casing.
  • Smart and Flexible power supply : Internal Rechargeable Lithium Battery (780 mAh)
    USB 5VDC power and optional auxiliary power supply 6-24VDC compatible with solar energy harvesting
  • Embedded data logger: up to 5 million data points (with events dating)
  • USB 2.0 link for device configuration (including firmware upgrade)
  • Excellent radio link relying on the radio antenna diversity designed by Beanair®
  • Virtual Inclinometer
  • Over the Air Firmware upgrade via WIFI
  • Store and Forward+: lossless data transmission

How It Works?

Wilow® sensors can easily work with a third-party WIFI access point. Just simply connect your PC/Laptop and your Beandevice Wilow® to your WIFI Access point, and start to receive real-time data stream on your own IOT software ( thanks to MQTT) or the supervision software (BeanScape® Wilow®).

By default , the Wilow® sensors are provided with a free version of the supervision software ( BeanScape® Wilow® Lite) , users can get an access to the IOT sensor Dashboard, visualize real-time graph display , configure MQTT framework and backup data measurement on a log file.


Bridge Monitoring


Test and Measurement


Automotive Testing


Condition Monitoring


Ready for Industrial Internet of Things ? Discover Wilow WIFI IOT Sensors

Until now, Wifi technology was extremely energy greedy and unreliable. Users working on structural health monitoring, test and measurement and condition monitoring were more inclined to deploy proprietary wireless sensor networks offering a better reliability and a low power operation.
Thanks to more than 8 years of experience in sensing technology, Beanair’s research and development team worked intensively with our customers on WiLow® technology (for Wifi Low Power), a new generation of WIFI sensors (vibration, inclination and shock) which is reliable, ultra-low power and open-standard.
By connecting WiLow® sensors to existing WIFI infrastructure, user can benefit from a rapid return on investment.
Ready for Industrial Internet of things (IIOT) applications, WiLow® sensors integrate natively MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) data frame, a lightweight and open-source Internet of Things protocol.


BeanDevice® Wilow® AX-3D-S Datasheet
BeanDevice® Wilow® AX-3D-S Manual
BeanDevice® Wilow® AX-3D-S Selection Guide

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