ElectroJet Particle-free Silver Conductive Ink


  • Conductive Performance – near bulk of silver conductivity (resistivity in range of 10-8 Ohm*M)
  • Sintering Efficiency – as low as 80 degrees C in minutes (scroll down to see demo video below)
  • Jetting Reliability – particle free formulation won’t clog heads and does not require recirculation
  • Printing Compatibility – viscosity tuned for ElectroJet brand electroUV3D printer or other industry brand heads and printers (Ricoh, Konica-Minolta, Fuji, Xaar)

C3-Ag-1037-2 – ElectroJet silver conductive ink for the ElectroUV3D inkjet printer
C3-Ag-1037-2h – ElectroJet silver conductive ink, tuned viscosity for industrial inkjet specifications


The Particle Free Difference




ElectroJet Brand Silver Conductive Ink Sinters as low as 80c with near bulk conductive performance

“It’s more about the ink than you think”
ChemCubed’s ElectroJet Brand C3-Ag-1037-2 Silver Conductive Ink Printing & Sintering @ 80c

  • Highest conductivity @ near bulk silver (resistivity in range of 10^-8 Ohm*M)
  • Lowest sintering temperature (as low as 80oc)
  • Particle-free based formulation for long-term jetting performance (no clogged heads)
  • Compatible with ElectroJet brand printer and other jettable technologies (piezo inkjet, aerosol jet, spray, etc)
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