HD2011NMT: Noise Monitoring Station


Remote controlled noise monitoring station with meteo parameters for long term environmental noise monitoring

HD2011NMT is designed monitoring of environmental noise with meteo parameters acquisition. It is designed to be part of a network of noise monitoring terminals or a standalone unit. Intended for short-medium term or permanent unattended outdoor installations.
The best solution for outdoor long- and medium-term Noise Measurement. Specially designed for:

  • Monitoring of Road Traffic Noise
  • Monitoring of Railway Traffic Noise
  • Airport Noise
  • Wind Turbine Noise
  • Construction Site Noise
  • Industrial Plant Noise
  • City Noise Mapping

Measurements are performed by using a sound level meter complying with Class 1 or 2 specifications according to IEC 61672, that may include spectral and statistical analysis. The sound measurements can optionally be matched with meteorological parameters (temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind speed).
Each HD2011NMT is able to work unattended in

  • permanent (BOX VERSION);
  • semi-permanent (BOX VERSION);
  • portable installations (SUITCASE VERSION).

Each unit or the whole network can be remotely controlled and fully managed by NS4“monitor” application software. Noise and meteo data can be acquired, recorded, displayed and transmitted remotely.

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