DynaLogger TcAg: Wireless Vibration and Temperature Sensor

Wireless vibration and temperature sensor with BLE 5.3 communication with metallic base. Simple, robust and performant. Mounting using glue. Continuous minute to minute monitoring.
The TAg DynaLogger is designed to identify the tendency and severity of defects in machinery and equipment in general according to ISO 20816. Using acceleration and contact temperature sensors, TcAg can also monitor anomalies in unusual equipment and structures such as suspensions, support idler frames, servers, pipes and valves. Additionally, the solution has an online platform, with no need for local installation, with several tools that assist in data analysis and allow the constant monitoring of the assets’ health.
The TcAg DynaLogger provides complete telemetry monitoring. In this type of monitoring, it is possible to configure in bands that contemplate several types of metrics such as: acceleration, velocity and displacement in RMS, peak, peak to peak and crest factor, as well as skewness, kurtosis and contact temperature. During the analysis of the acquired data, different tools can be used such as: removal of stopped machine, alert configuration, e-mail alerts, moving average, data aggregation, comparison between monitoring points and predictability (average time to A2).



Wireless Monitoring Solution
  • One of the smallest sensors on the market
  • Long-life battery
  • Easy mounting
  • Minute-to-Minute Monitoring
  • Over 40 telemetry metrics that can be applied in different frequency bands up to 2.5 kHz (under development)
  • Monitoring of rotating machines in general according to ISO 20816
  • Truly simultaneous triaxial measurement
  • Remote sensor update


Main monitored assets
  • Rotating machines in general
  • Machine structures: chassis, suspensions and springs, rails, etc.
  • Train wheelsets.
  • Support Idler Frames and rollers
  • Belt vehicles bearing housing
  • Busbars and electrical panels
  • Brakes
  • Occupational vibration


DynaLogger TcAg: Wireless Vibration and Temperature Sensor Datasheet

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