Acoustic Systems

FAIST develop claddings for acoustic measurement rooms, aeroacoustic wind-tunnel facilities and free-field rooms for renowned automobile manufacturers and many other sectors.
FAIST supplies products at the cutting-edge of technology: from large, anechoic rooms for simulated pass-by-noise measurements and acoustic measurement rooms for motors, drives and powertrains to rooms for individual, specific components.
Custom solutions for vehicle test rigs, brake test rigs, engine test rigs, hydraulic gears, airbag test rigs, engine test rigs and more with hybrid solutions (“climate meets acoustics”), as well as acoustic laboratories with defined reverberation time for personal sound perception. A new product in the portfolio is the cladding of vertical wind tunnels.


Sound Absorbers

Improving The Acoustic Of Rooms


Sound absorbers and sound measurement with FAIST

Our sound absorbers have been designed to be retrofitted into industrial and commercial buildings, waiting rooms and smaller rooms.

Our passive wall and ceiling absorber

We can easily install these products into almost all ceilings and walls of your industrial and commercial buildings. Our wall and ceiling absorbers effectively reduce annoying reverberant sound in large rooms and improve room acoustics. We adapt measurements and absorption behavior to your individual needs. The overall design can be harmoniously incorporated into the layout of the room – we offer sound absorbers in almost all colors and shapes. We would be glad to advise you on site on all solutions for your organization.

Our sound measurements in industrial buildings

We perform sound measuring in order to determine the characteristics and spectrum of sound in your industrial buildings. This provides the basis for subsequent calculations and individual sound-absorbing solutions. Their acoustic and visual design is oriented to the frequency spectrum of sound, spatial circumstances, quantity and location. We guarantee measurable noise reduction at your facility by using our wall and ceiling sound absorbers.

Our reactive sound absorbers – Compound Plate Resonator CPR

Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, we have developed a practical and slim sound absorber (base range absorber) for professional and amateur use – the Compound Plate Resonator (CPR). It has proven its high acoustic quality in a series of representative projects worldwide.

The underlying problem: Small rooms and their spatial reverberations have very irregular transmission behavior at low frequencies. If there is undamped stimulation of the natural frequencies of the room, it results in sound coloration, droning and poor speech intelligibility.

Our Compound Plate Resonator (CPR) improves acoustics in rooms such as audio rooms, recording studios, office cabins and music rooms. The sound absorber smooths the resonance of rooms, eliminates droning and optimizes communication. It can be easily installed with some knowledge of acoustics and technical experience – a tool for improving acoustics of speech and music. An additional absorption layer expands the CPR into a Broadband Compact Absorber. Let us advise you!

Test Bench Technology

Test Rig Technology


Test rig technology from FAIST

FAIST plans and produces complete sound insulation for the various areas of test rigs technology – from R+D acoustics to the end of line:

  • Power-absorption roller
  • Endurance test rigs
  • End-of-line test rigs
  • Engine and transmission test rigs
  • Drive-train test rigs
  • Exhaust systems
  • Function and interface tests
  • Electrics test rigs, et al.

Our promise: We enclose the noise emissions of your test specimens with sound-damping panels, thereby ensuring optimal noise protection. Ease of operation means perfect incorporation into your processes. We can also deliver other noise-protection components for your test rigs, such as ventilation and structure borne sound insulation.

In addition to excellent sound insulation, our cabins feature absorption functions which lower the noise level in the test rig.

We strive to limit your investment in sound insulation for test stand technology and test rigs. And of course we guarantee compliance with all legal provisions.

Along with outstanding sound proofing features, you also need a defined acoustic environment under ISO 3745/3744 or 3743. You will find more information under menu item acoustic measurement rooms.

Let us create a custom-tailored noise protection concept for your test rigs!

At FAIST, there are two approaches for the acoustic handling of test rigs:

Firstly, there is the option of enclosing test rigs with sound proofing elements/cabins in order to minimize the noise emissions of testing procedures.

Secondly, there is the option to apply absorber material to existing test rig surroundings. This minimizes reflection in the test rig in order to prevent an increase in noise caused by reflection in the interior of the test rig. Depending on the surface covered and the type of absorber, acoustic comparison measurements or even free-field measurements in defined frequency ranges are possible.

Listening Studios

That sounds good.


Listening studios with FAIST Acoustic Systems

We offer you the perfect technology for subjective assessment of sounds in a defined acoustic environment. Whether for ‘listening studios’ or as high-end solution for sound design and audio production:

with different and individually combinable absorber types and technologies, we fulfill your special requirements. FAIST products guarantee you quiet surroundings without extraneous noises, a low level of background noise and defined reverberation time.

Reverberation Rooms

Particularly Solution Oriented


Reverberation rooms with FAIST

FAIST delivers solutions for reverberation rooms. Utilize the acoustic features of a product as outstanding success factor. We support you with carefully planned and precisley designed reverberation and special reverberation rooms for the following sectors, et al.:

  • household appliances
  • automobile manufacturing and suppliers
  • measuring and testing technology

Our reverberation rooms provide you with the best prerequisites for

  • determining acoustic power level LW under ISO 3743
  • determining sound absorption coefficient according to DIN EN 20354 and ISO R 345
  • sound measurements, which can be incorporated into operational test procedures or assembly lines
  • specific test procedures for acoustics

The supreme discipline when it comes to applying different sound absorber types and diffusers lies in laying out special reverberation rooms. The special reverberation room is acoustically ‘tuned’ by precisely determining sound-absorber types and their special arrangement in this room, combined with individual placing of the diffusers.

Contact us for a non-binding consultation on custom solutions for reverberation rooms!

Anechoic Rooms

The Absorber Technology For An Ideal Acoustic Environment


Create free-field conditions with our linings.

We provide acoustic solutions for engine and powertrain test rigs, as well as for vehicle test rigs for interior and exterior noise measurements. Sound insulation and sound design in the communications sector, for your vehicles, office equipment and household appliances, require suitable test conditions in the form of free-field rooms which meet standards ISO 3745 and ISO 3744.

We are your specialists for acoustic applications in measuring rooms and test rigs: Our engineers will provide you with comprehensive support, from the first consultation on sound measuring, design and manufacturing of free-field rooms to on-site assembly and start-up.

FAIST BCA and ASA System

FAIST free-field rooms are equipped with broadband compact absorbers (BCA) or asymmetrically structured absorbers (ASA). We have developed these innovative and space-saving resonance absorbers with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics(IBP). It reaches high absorption efficiency of up to 20 Hz at construction depth of only 250 or 350 mm and allows for free-field rooms in precision class 1 with third octave and sine-wave measuring according to customer requirement.

FAIST know-how for your measuring rooms

We research and test in our own acoustic laboratories and certified measuring rooms. Our production hall is equipped with the most modern machines and our specially trained employees ensure the high quality of our products. FAIST technicians have international experience and build your free-field rooms in accordance with all safety and quality aspects.

Let us advise you.

Aeroacoustic Wind Tunnels

The Quietest Wind Tunnels In The World


Our applications for aeroacoustic wind tunnels

We support your wind tunnel projects with first-class components: absorbent plenum and wall cladding, cladding for nozzle and collector, acoustic turning vanes and a carefully aligned sound-damper package for the ventilator – plus acoustic treatment of all ventilation ducts. The result: the quietest wind tunnels in the world.

We have proven our expert know-how in this area in many projects for renowned customers such as Audi Ingolstadt, VW Wolfsburg, Porsche Weissach, PSA Paris, TLT-Turbo Copenhagen, Jacobs Technology Inc. Lockheed, Honda Sakura, DNW Marknesse, DaimlerChrysler Auburn Hills, Aiolos Södertälje, the remodeling of the DLR AAWT Braunschweig and the first aero-acoustic wind tunnel in China at TongJi University Shanghai.

Our aeroacoustic wind tunnel (AAWT)

Aeroacoustic wind tunnels (AAWT) are an absolute high-end product. Flow noise in wind tunnels must be minimized in order to perform acoustic (FYI there are only acoustic measurements) measuring on test specimens. This requires high capacity silencers throughout the frequency spectrum.

Our BCA technology (BCA)

We have been equipping our aeroacoustic wind tunnels with long established broadband compact absorbers (BCA) for years. The technology for these reactive absorber systems has been developed together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics(IBP). Our latest absorbers have been successfully implemented into many wind tunnels and more than 300 measuring rooms all over the world. With our technology we have successfully participated in almost every wind tunnel project on this planet.

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