Reed Switch Probe

The Reed Switch Probe is used to determine the location of magnetic sensors in magnetic settlement systems.
When the reed switch passes through a magnetic field, it closes; completing a circuit and a buzzer is activated.
The elevation of the magnet target is read directly from the tape.


Technical Specifications

Probe diameter 16 mm
Probe length 150 mm
Probe material Austenitic stainless steel
Tape type Steel mm markings
Tape width 11.5 mm
Tape lengths 30, 50, 100, 150, 200m
Reel type Polypropylene
Reel diameter 230 mm
Audible Indicator 88 dB(A) buzzer
Visual indicator Red LED
Power 9 volt PP3 battery
System precision ± 3 to 5mm

Case Studies

Cottington Bridge

Phase two of the East Kent Access Improvement Scheme is the biggest highway project ever under-taken by Kent County Council.
It provides 8km (five miles) of dual carriageway around the Isle of Thanet reducing traffic congestion, providing journey time reliability improving connectivity with the ports of Dover, Ramsgate and Kent International Airport.
At the heart of this project was the innovative de-sign and build of two key structures, the underpass at Cliffsend and the over-rail bridge at Cottington Road which was constructed during night possessions. This two-span concrete integral bridge, carrying the new dual carriageway, was built over Network Rail’s Channel Tunnel rail link, local high speed rail infrastructure and a local road. The reinforced concrete structure was constructed on piled foundations behind a safety screen to address the soft ground conditions.
Cottington Bridge Case Study


Reed Switch Probe Manual

Reed Switch Probe Datasheet

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