VW Joint Meter

The Geosense® Vibrating Wire Joint meter is developed to monitor joints of mass concrete structures.
The instrument consists of two parts, a socket and the main body with a waterproof vibrating wire sensing gauge.



During construction of the structure, the socket is secured to the form and embedded into a lift of the block to be constructed. After removal of the form, and prior to concreting of adjacent block, the gauge is screwed into the socket, set at the desired range and then embedded into concrete.
Opening and closing of joint is then measured by the gauge, which is firmly anchored in both blocks. The instrument body includes universal joints, on which sensing element is mounted, accommodating a small degree of shear movement that might occur.
The vibrating wire joint meter is a robust and accurate instrument with excellent long-term stability. It can be measured by vibrating wire portable readout units or a data logger if remote continuous monitoring of the joints is required. All measurements are compared to an initial datum reading, providing a history of magnitude and rate of movement at the joint.

Technical Specifications

Ranges 15, 25, 50 mm (other ranges available)
Over range 1.25 x range
Resolution 0.025% FS
Accuracy 0.2% F.S. (0.1% FS optional)
Operating temp. -20 to +80°C
Length x diameter <340mm or 430mm x 51mm/td>


VW Joint Meter Datasheet

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