Total Earth Pressure Cells TPC-4000

TPC-4000 series Total Earth Pressure cells are designed to measure total pressure (effective stress and pore water pressure) in soils and at the interface between structures and the wall of excavation.
Models 4010 and 4020 are designed to measure soil pressures on structures. They are fitted with an extra thick back plate on one side which is placed against the structure so as to avoid any warping of the cell. The other side has a thin plate welded to the back plate which provides sensitive measurement of soil pressures.



They are constructed from two stainless steel plates, welded around their periphery with the narrow gap between the plates filled with hydraulic fluid.
External pressure on the outside surfaces of the cell squeezes the two plates together creating an internal fluid pressure. A length of stainless steel tube connects the cell to a pressure transducer which converts the fluid pressure into an electrical signal which can be directly readout or transmitted to a data logging system.
Available with vibrating wire or 4-20mA signal outputs.

Technical Specifications

Pressure Range VWTPC 345kPa – 20.7MPa; SGTPC 100 kPa – 3.5MPa
Over range 150% FS
Resolution ± 0.025% FS, Infinite
Accuracy ± 0.1% FS
Linearity <0.5% FS
Outer diameter 165, 245, 320mm
Active diameter 150, 230, 305mm
Operating temperature -20°C to +80°C; -30°C to +95°C


Total Earth Pressure Cells TPC-4000 Manual
Total Earth Pressure Cells TPC-4000 Datasheet

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