Sister Bar Rebar Strain Meter VWS-4000

The VWS-4000 series vibrating wire Sister Bars and Rebar Strain Meters are designed to be embedded in concrete to measure strains due to imposed loads.
SISTER BAR: The VWS-4000 Sister Bar is installed by tying it alongside an existing length of rebar within the cage. Available in two diameters: 12 and 16mm.
REBAR STRAIN METER: The VWS-4001 Rebar Strain Meter is installed by welding it into the existing rebar cage at a location within the structure where loads can be accurately passed from the concrete into the gauge. Available in various diameters to match the size of the rebar cage into which it is to be welded.


Technical Specifications

Thermistor 3k 0hms at 25°C
Over range +20%
Resolution 0.4με
Accuracy ±0.25%FS
Effective Gauge Length 50mm (nominal)
De-bonded Length 175mm
Overall Length 915mm
Standard Diameter 12, 16mm

Case Studies

Sheik Zahed Centre

Sheik Zayed Centre is a multi-use complex which is constructed on 94 kanals of land on Ferozepur Road, Lahore, Pakistan.
The building, the tallest in Lahore, consists of a 63 storey office and apartment tower complemented by three supplementary apartment buildings. A 28-level premier hotel and an international standard fully covered shopping mall covers ground floor and levels 1 to 4.
The architectural design of the complex is by HOK (Washington) and the construction work is being managed by Turner Construction.
Sheik Zahed Centre Case Study

Jakarta Mass Rapid Rail Transport, Phase 1, CP106

The project comprised the construction of two underground stations, Bunderan HI and Dukuh Atas, together with more than 8km of associated tunnelling. Diaphragm walls were installed to form the station boxes followed by excavation and construction of the slabs from roof slab downwards as excavation progresses.
For entrance and ventilation shafts, a cast in-situ reinforced concrete was used as the permanent structure. Entrances and ventilation shafts were constructed using bottom up construction method and steel struts and walers used to prop open the excavation. Tunnelling was carried out using Earth-Pressure-Balance (EPB) Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM).
Jakarta Mass Rapid Rail Transport, Phase 1, CP106 Case Study


Sister Bar Rebar Strain Meter VWS-4000 Manual
Sister Bar Rebar Strain Meter VWS-4000 Datasheet

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