Microphone Array Sphere48 AC Pro


48 channel microphone array for various interior measurement scenarios

This spherical 48 channel microphone array is primarily designed for applications in enclosed spaces. The lightweight array body is designed as slim as possible and is made of carbon fiber. This ensures easy handling and accurate microphone and array positioning even under real test drive conditions on the road. This array connects to the data recorder.



Depending on a signal’s spectral composition, the recommended measurement distance varies between 0.3 and 5 meters. Longer ranges are possible for measurements in considerably higher frequency ranges. The wiring of the microphones is enclosed in and protected by the array body which guarantees the best possible acoustic transparency to measure accurate sound levels.

The array design is optimized to provide the highest spatial resolution as well as map dynamic possible, given the number of microphones used. Additionally, the array design effectively minimizes partial reflections, sound pressure doubling effects on the surface, and resonance effects between the measured object and the array. Furthermore, the sphere geometry minimizes aliasing effects.

As this microphone array acts omnidirectional, the beamforming results are normally mapped on a scanned 3D point cloud or 3D CAD model of the measurement object/environment, to be imported in the NoiseImage software. The built-in studio microphones have an extremely linear frequency response. All are carefully hand-selected and calibrated to ensure stable sound pressure levels (+/- 0.5 dB). To allow long distances, the array is connected to the data recorder via two differential SymBus microphone connector cables (max. 20 m).

The array comes with an integrated fixed focus USB camera. The included high-end Manfrotto tripod allows a set up in almost any measurement environment imaginable. Array and tripod are supplied in a transport case and bag respectively.

Technical Data

Array body diameter 35 cm
Weight 0.9 kg
Video camera Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D435
Resolution 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
Microphones Electret condenser capsule
+ special designed preamplifier
Frequency response 20 kHz – 60 kHz (< 15 dB)
100 Hz – 15 kHz (< 0.5 dB)
20 Hz – 20 kHz (< 3 dB)
Max. sound pressure level 130 dB at 3 % THD
Noise level 27 dB(A)
Sensitivity 20 mV/Pa
Channels 48
Recommended measurement distance > 0.3 m
Acoustic mapping range 12 dB – 130 dB
Backward attenuation > -15 dB
Recommended mapping frequencies 291 Hz – 20 kHz
Dynamic range
(Distance to the source: 1 m;
calculation points: 90.000)
9 dB – 14 dB, up to 50 dB with
advanced algorithms
Ingress protection code IP20
Cable length to data recorder up to 20 m (on request: 50 m)
Operating environment 0 °C – 35 °C, up to 80 % RH


ACOUSTIC CAMERA: 3D Sound Source Localization inside a Car

In this measurement example, we were able to localize 2 acoustic phenomena in a driver’s cabin with our omnidirectional microphone array – the Sphere48 AC Pro. Due to the spherical microphone positioning, acoustic data can be recorded and subsequently analyzed in all directions. For the measurement, a Sphere48 AC Pro was centrally placed in the driver’s cabin of a car. The first measurement was performed while driving. At about 1500 rpm, a distinct rattling could be heard. The second noise, a whistling sound, occurred when the floor heating was selected. By locating the reflections on the windshield, the origin could be identified. The beamforming results were mapped onto a 3D model of the car. Our spherical microphone arrays are specifically designed for applications in enclosed spaces. The omnidirectional characteristics of the array make it the perfect Array for 3D applications.


Sphere48 Acoustic Camera Datasheet

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