ZIP: Zero Interface Probes

Zero-Interface Probes (ZIP) are low-frequency delay-line transducers designed to inspect composite material. The special delay lines used are acoustically matched to the composite material which allows for a zero-interface signal, more efficient energy coupling & transmission, and increased near-surface resolution. Replaceable delay lines are available in packs of five.



Left: Echo of a ZIP Delay; Right: Backwall echo from a 0.14″ (3.6mm) composite component with ZIP
ZIP probes are special delay-line contact probes that are single-element longitudinal -wave (straight beam) transducers designed for the detection of near-surface flaws and thickness measurement of thin cross-section materials.

Typical Applications
  • Inspection of composite materials
  • Thickness measurement
  • Inspection of thin materials


Part Numbers
Frequency (MHz) Element Diameter Part Number Delay 5-PK Delay 5-PK
inch mm PN .375″ (9.5mm) Tip .5″ (12.7mm) Tip
0.5 1 25.4 00-012361 01-013488 01-013544
1.5 0.375 9.5 00-012616
0.5 12.7 00-011173


Case Dimensions
Element Diameter A B C
inch mm
0.375 9.5 1.40 in. 35.6 mm 0.46 in. 11.7 mm 0.75 in. 19.1 mm
0.5 12.7 1.24 in. 29 mm 0.63 in. 16 mm 0.87 in. 22.1 mm
1 25.4 1.70 in. 43.2 mm 1.04 in. 26.4 mm 1.45 in. 36.8 mm



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