DHT-400: High-Temp Dual-Element Transducers

The SensorScan DHT-400 ultrasonic transducer is a general-purpose sensor for measuring the remaining wall thickness on rough metal ID and OD surfaces due to corrosion and/or erosion. The transducer can be used intermittently (50% duty cycle) over a wide temperature range from 0 to 932°F (-17.8 to 500°C) and continuously from 0 to 400°F (-17.8 to 204°C).
Typical applications include its use with common digital thickness gauges or flaw detectors on boiler/furnace tubes, pipes, tanks, vessels, structures and other safety-critical components at power plants, refineries, mid- and up-stream oil & gas assets, and chemical facilities.



Typical Applications
  • Thickness gauging on rough or corroded surfaces
  • For applications up to 932°F (500°C)
  • Thickness gauging on pitted, curved, and irregular surfaces

#2 Flat Bottom Hole at 0.5″

RF Waveform Image (Left) and Frequency Spectrum (Right)
Backwall Signal from 1″ Steel Block


Thermal-Cycle Testing

400°F Heat Up at 932°

At 932°F continuous surface contact temp, it takes over 9 minutes for the sensitive solder joints within the transducer to get to 400°F.
33% Duty Cycle

This chart shows a 33% duty cycle at 5 seconds on and 10 seconds off. The DHT-400 plateaus at ~270°F which keeps the sensitive elements rom ever reaching 400°F. At a 50% duty cycle of 10 seconds, the DHT-400’s sensitive elements never get to 400°F.



5 MHz (Nominal)
Delay Roof Angle 5 Degree (10 degree included)
Connector Type MD #10-32 (2x) or MCX (2x)
Contact Diameter 0.440″ (11.2 mm)
Min. and Max Thickness (Steel) Min.: 0.040″ (1.0 mm), Max: 10″ (254 mm)
Continuous Use Temperature 400°F (204°C)
Maximum Contact Temperature 932°F (500°C) Intermittent
Duty Cycle 50% at 10 Seconds (max recommended)
Cable Options 5 ft. (1.52m) standard & armored cable
Cable Connector Options Lemo-00, Olympus- & Krautkramer-style gauge
Compatible Instruments 38DL PLUS, 37DL PLUS, 36DL PLUSS, DMS GO, All Flaw Detectors
DHT-400 Case Delivered in hard-shell case for field use


Part Numbers
Transducer Kits Cable Options (5 ft.)
Item DHT-400 DHT-400 + Lemo-00 Connector Cable Lemo-00 Connector (Standard) Olympus Probe Recognition Connector (Standard) BNC connector (Standard) Lemo-00 Connector (Armored) Olympus Probe Recognition Connector (Armored)
MD Connector 00-012543 01-030180 07-010245 07-010246 07-036033 07-036033 07-036034
MCX Connector 00-030003 01-030181 07-036036 07-036038 07-036039 07-036039 07-036040


Case Dimensions


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