IPI-X In-Place Inclinometer – Extensometer

The IPI-X is designed to be installed in inclinometer casing to automatically measure settlement or heave, together with tilt for full 3D borehole profiling.



The IPI-X is an Automatic Magnetic Extensometer combined with an In-Place Inclinometer which can be used typically to measure vertical and horizontal displacement in embankments, dam foundations, deep foundations and around tunnels and diaphragm walls.
It comprises an In-place Inclinometer with the addition of a low power digital Magnetic Positional Sensor inside the adjoining extension rod. The system is placed vertically within inclinometer casing in a borehole.
Magnetic targets are positioned at various locations along the length of the inclinometer casing corresponding to the location of the Magnetic Positional Sensors. Vertical displacement is measured by the relative position of the magnetic targets from their original position.
Horizontal displacement is measured through tilt by the In-Place Inclinometer to provide a 3D profile of the borehole. All the digital sensors are BUSSED together allowing fast and reliable communication.
Any combination of extension rod lengths (1, 1.5, 2 & 2.5m) and IPIs (0.5m) can be used so that sensors can be located at the required depths.
To provide an absolute reference for vertical displacement, the bottom magnetic target should be installed into stable ground together with a geodetic survey of the top of the installation.
Data acquisition is either by WI-SOS 480 wireless digital Nodes or other GeoLogger systems.

Technical Specifications


Sensor type Positional
Measuring range 400mm (+/- 170 mm)
Minimum target spacing 1.5m
Resolution 0.1mm
Accuracy ± 1mm



Sensor type Biaxial MEMS
Accuracy ±0.004° (±13.5 arc sec, ±0.07 mm/m) ±0.0125% FS
Resolution 0.0005° (2 arc sec, 0.01 mm/m) 0.0017% FS
Repeatability ±0.002° (±7.2 arc sec, ± 0.037 mm/m) ±0.007% FS


IPI-X In-place Inclinometer Extensometer Datasheet

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