Drive-in Piezometers WP-3400 & SGP-3500 Series

Drive-in piezometers, also referred to as push-in piezometers, are designed for installing in soft clays, organic or fine grained cohesionless soils typically with a SPT-N value less than 10. They are available with a CPT fitting or 1” BSP thread.
Depending on the depth and type of soil, they can either be pushed directly into the soil from ground level to the required depth or pushed into the base of a CPT test or drilled borehole.



Installation is carried out by using CPT or conventional drill rods onto which is fitted a special adaptor that fits onto the top of the piezometer allowing it to be pushed to depth and the rods retrieved. Adaptors are available to suit most sizes and thread types of rods used for Cone Penetrometer Testing including R32 and reverse threads.
Alternatively 1” BSP galvanised pipe connected directly onto the top of a piezometer with a 1” BSP thread can be used and is sometimes used as a sacrificial pipe left within the borehole.

Technical Specifications

Pressure Range 100 kPa to 3.5 MPa
Over Range 1.5
Accuracy <0.1% FS
Temperature range -20 to +80°C -20 to +80°C


Drive-in Piezometers WP-3400 & SGP-3500 Series Datasheet

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