Multi-Purpose Readout MP12

The MP12 is a multi-purpose manual readout unit which can be used with all types of electrical outputs including vibrating wire.
Colour coded connections for the different sensor types makes the MP12 easy to use with any type of sensor cable. The simple display means that you do not have complicated multiple screen menus and can be operated with just six simple buttons.
The MP12 comes with a rugged lightweight carry case complete with battery charger and colour coded ‘jumper cables’ complete with crocodile clip.


Technical Specifications

Signal inputs 4-20mA 2C, 4-20mA 3C, V, mV, mV/V 3C, mV/V 4C, ºC, Hz, PT100, NTC
Sensor supply voltage +20V, +/-12V, +5V
Power supply Internal 12 volt battery (rechargeable)
Measurement resolution 16 bit
Display LCD 16 x 2 back-light characters
Operating temperature -20 to +70 ºC
Temperature drift +15ppm/ºC maximum
Enclosure IP65
Dimensions L x B x H 130 x 100 x 35mm
Weight 600g


Multi-Purpose Readout MP12 Manual
Multi-Purpose Readout MP12 Datasheet

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