VW Liquid Settelment System VWLSS-200

The VWLSS-200 Vibrating Wire Liquid Settlement System is used to monitor settlement or heave in soils and other structures such as embankments, earth and rockfill dams.
The main components are a reservoir (single or multiple), liquid-filled tubing and a vibrating wire pressure transducer cell mounted on a plate or, for borehole application, attached to an anchor.



The vibrating wire sensor is attached to a settlement plate at the point of estimated settlement. The sensor is connected via two liquid-filled tubes which are connected to a reservoir located on stable ground.
As the transducer settles with the surrounding ground the height of the column is increased and the corresponding higher pressure is measured by the transducer.
Settlements are calculated by converting the pressure to millimetres of liquid head.

Technical Specifications

Standard Range 7, 17m
Sensor accuracy 0.1% FS
System accuracy Site dependent
Resolution 0.025% FS
Temperature range -20°C to +80°C

Case Studies

Kashimbila Dam

Construction of a new multi-purpose 40-Megawatt dam in Taraba State, Nigeria will generate much needed electricity for the country and provide job opportunities, social and economic benefits to people in the area.
The preliminary design was for a dam with a storage capacity of 200 million m3 but this was subsequently increased to 500 million m3.
The main challenges were related to the lack of data in the hydrological and geological studies as well as the project location in the extreme south-eastern part on Nigeria, which required long travel times on very poor roads.
The hydropower station was initially designed with an installed capacity of 18 MW, however, following detailed hydrological modelling and yield analysis carried out by Aurecon, a 40 MW installed capacity was implemented. Aurecon’s input on this project led to a more economical design of the dam and an increased installed capacity for the hydropower station.
Kashimbila Dam Case Study

Duyen Hai 3 Thermal Power Plant Project

Duyen Hai 3 is one of four coal-fired power plant projects developed at Duyen Hai Power Centre. They have a combined generation capacity of 4,348MW, as outlined in the nation’s power development master plan between 2011 and 2020 with a vision towards 2030. Duyen Hai 3 thermal power plant extension utilises a supercritical steam turbine and pulverised coal-fired boiler for generating thermal energy and a selective catalytic reduction system for the reduction of nitrogen oxides emissions.
The centre occupies a total area of 879 hectares in Tra Vinh province, a coastal area with a total investment capital of $986.95 million.
The Coal storage yard which needs to be monitored for settlement has an area of approximately 120m x 260m.
Duyen Hai 3 Thermal Power Plant Project Case Study

Manjung Iron Ore Handling Plant

Vale Malaysia Minerals Sdn Bhd a subsidiary of Brazilian metals and mining giant VALE S.A the world’s largest iron ore exporter is developing a
$5.6 billion iron ore distribution centre in Manjung, Perak, Malaysia. The project includes a deep water jetty and onshore stockyard.
The centre in Manjung will receive iron ore from Brazil for blending purposes and later be shipped to customers throughout the Asia Pacific region.
Construction of the facility will be in three phases. The first phase is to start with operations in June 2014 and will have a throughput capacity of 60 million dry weight tonnes per year (mty).
As part of the construction work, Vale awarded a STG30 million (RM148.5 million) contract for piling and groundworks to Keller Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian subsidiary of UK’s Keller Group plc. The instrumentation and monitoring during construction is being carried out by Getec, Keller’s specialist instrumentation division.
Manjung Iron Ore Handling Plant Case Study


VW Liquid Settelment System VWLSS-200 Manual
VW Liquid Settelment System VWLSS-200 Datasheet

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