Microphone Array Design Kit


Design you own microphone array!

If you would like to design your very own microphone array configuration, we offer Array Design Kits using our 24 channel microphone bundles. They provide you with flexibility in the array design as well as the possibility to connect 24 microphones to the mcdRec data recorder at once. On top of that, each plug holds the option to memorise array parameters such as the microphone sensitivity and the position of the microphones (similar to TEDS). The set can also be used for Nearfield Acoustic Holography (NAH).

The ADECO software tool allows autocalibration of your custom array geometry: An impulse generator connected to the data recorder mcdRec is used to determine the microphone positions. While the array microphones record the impulses auditory, the mcdRec data recorder logs them temporally. ADECO matches these two recordings and automatically creates sensor files for the custom array. This tool achieves microphone positions with an accuracy of 1.4 mm or less!


Technical Data

Diameter depends on design
net 1.5 kg
Number of Microphones 24
SymBus microphone connectors via differential conditioning
Advanced disturbance tolerant ¼” symmetrically buffered electret pressure receivers (based on Sennheiser microphone capsule 4211)
Frequency Response of Microphones

Dynamic Range of Microphones

20 Hz – 20 kHz (± 3 dB)


28 – 130 dB (A-weighted)

Max. equivalent sound Level 130 dB(A)
Video Camera Ethernet, different frame rates and resolutions available
Recommended measurement distance depends on design
Single map dynamic 6 – 7 dB (CBF) using HDR 20 – 40 dB
Symmetrical output resistance 100 Ω
Backward attenuation of Array > -20 dB
Ingress protection code IP20
Operating Environment 0 °C to 45 °C, up to 80 % RH
Array cable length

Connecting array cable length to data recorder

2.5 m

1 – 20 m


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