Weir Monitor VWM-2000

The Geosense® VWM-2000 vibrating wire precision water level monitor utilises a vented vibrating wire force transducer in combination with a cylindrical weight suspended from it to monitor water levels.
The vibrating wire transducer is vented to atmosphere so that any atmospheric changes are automatically compensated



The transducer and weight are contained within a PVC slotted pipe which can be located within the weir or tank as necessary and the vent tube is terminated within a moisture trap. Periodic change of the desiccant is required.
The cylindrical weight is partially suspended in the water level being monitored and as the water level changes the force on the transducer by the cylinder alters which in turn alters the tension of the vibrating wire.
As with all vibrating wire sensors, the output is frequency and therefore not affected by changes of cable resistance and therefore extremely long cable lengths are possible.

Technical Specifications

Standard ranges 150, 300,500, 1500mm
Resolution 0.025% FS
Accuracy ±0.1% FS
Operating temperature range -20°C to +80°C
Dimensions (L X D) 650 x 110mm


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