Strain Gauge Piezometer SGP-3400 Series

The SGP-3400 Series of strain gauge piezometers are designed for monitoring soil pore pressure or changes in water level and are also suitable for dynamic monitoring such as pumping tests.
They are accurate, highly-reliable and suitable for use in the harsh environments often found within civil engineering including water wells, boreholes, dams, reservoirs, rivers, tanks or any other body of water.



The sensor is housed in a robust stainless steel sealed body with a porous filter tip, which are available in different porosities to suit specific site conditions.
It comprises a highly sensitive stainless steel diaphragm onto which a Wheatstone bridge strain gauge is mounted and connected to a signal-conditioning board to convert to a 4-20mA output within the piezometer housing.
When liquid pressure is applied to the diaphragm it causes the Wheatstone bridge strain gauge to output a signal, which is directly proportional to the applied pressure.
They are available in standard or vented versions and can be read by simple hand held readout units or integrated into a data logger for fully automated monitoring.

Technical Specifications

Pressure Range 100, 200, 350, 700, 2000, 3500 kPa
Over Range 1.5
Accuracy <0.1% FS
Thermal error <0.04% FS/°C
Temperature range -20 to +80°C -20 to +80°C
Output 4-20 mA


Strain Gauge Piezometer SGP-3400 Series Manual
Strain Gauge Piezometer SGP-3400 Series Datasheet

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