Pendulum System

HPS-3500 (Hanging) and IPS-3000 (Inverted) Pendulums are used to measure the tilt or rotation by measuring the relative internal horizontal displacement of points along a true vertical line. Each has a tensioned, stainless steel wire and the effects of the earth gravitational forces to guarantee a perfectly vertical line between a fixed point and a tensioning mechanism. Typical applications include concrete dams, bridges and high rise buildings.



The HPS-3500 Hanging Pendulum has a fixed point high up in the structure and a heavy weight is used to generate the tension. The weight is submersed in a fluid to damp movements that may be caused by currents of air up through the pendulum shaft.
The IPS-3000 Inverted Pendulum has a fixed point at, or below, the base of the structure and employs a large float in a water filled tank, to generate the tension in the wire.
Measurement of the position of the vertical wire, relative to the structure allows rotation or tilt to be calculated.
Displacements relative to the wire are measured using a manual readout or, for remote reading, the TP-2000 automatic readout is used.

Case Studies

Baish Dam

The Baish Dam is a gravity dam on Wadi Baish about 35km northeast of Baish in the Jizan Region of south-western Saudi Arabia.
The dam has many purposes including flood control, irrigation and groundwater recharge. The total reservoir capacity of the dam is 192 million m3.
The dam was constructed between 2003 and 2009 and at 106m high on completion, it was the tallest dam in Saudi Arabia. It is owned and operated by the Ministry of Water and Electricity.
Baish dam is one of six dams currently undergoing the change from a manual to a fully-automated monitoring system.
The original instrumentation equipment was installed during construction and was entirely manually-read. The Ministry made the decision to upgrade the instrumentation to a modern automatic system including full data logging of all instruments together with alarm trigger levels and data access via the Internet.
Baish Dam Case Study


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