Piezoelectric Acoustic Emission Sensor

Piezoelectric ceramics is one of electronic ceramics. When a piezoelectric ceramic is hit, a high voltage is generated instantaneously, and conversely, when a voltage is applied, the piezoelectric ceramic expands and contracts. Piezoelectric ceramics are ceramics that have the function of converting electrical energy and mechanical energy.
Fuji Ceramics offers elements suitable for various applications while selecting a wide range of materials for piezoelectric ceramics through consistent processes from research and development to manufacturing.
The application fields of piezoelectric ceramics can be broadly divided into vibrators and transducers. Vibrators are used for electrical input – mechanical vibration – electrical output, and include ceramic oscillators, filters, piezoelectric buzzers, and piezoelectric transformers. Transducers include ultrasonic cleaners and actuators that use electrical input-mechanical output, and vibration/shock sensors and piezoelectric elements that use mechanical input-electrical output. There are a wide range of application fields that have been put into practical use.


Piezoelectric Acoustic Emission Sensor

Resonant AE Sensor

This is a highly sensitive AE sensor that utilizes the resonance of the vibrator.
Suitable for field testing.
Resonant AE Sensor Datasheet

Ultra-Compact AE Sensor

Ultra-compact AE sensor with a detection part outer diameter of φ3mm to φ6mm.
Perfect for mounting in tight spaces.
Ultra-Compact AE Sensor Datasheet

Wide Area AE Sensor

Filling the backing material suppresses the resonance of the vibrator and makes it a flat frequency characteristic.
Suitable for source waveform analysis and frequency analysis.
Wide Area AE Sensor Datasheet

R-CAST AE Sensor System

The R-CAST AE sensor system is a microscopic destruction detection device jointly developed with the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo.
It is possible to detect the microscopic fracture behavior of brittle materials, which was difficult with conventional AE detection methods.
R-CAST AE Sensor System Datasheet

AE sensor with built-in amplifier and others

By building the preamplifier inside the case, the noise that enters between the vibrator and the preamplifier is cut off.
AE sensor with built-in amplifier and others Datasheet

Industrial AE sensor

AE sensor with excellent environmental resistance performance.
Waterproof insulation type, high temperature type and cryogenic type are available.
Industrial AE sensor Datasheet

Mounting Adapter

In general, AE sensors are often used by adhesively fixing them to the object to be measured, but they can be easily attached and detached by using a mounting adapter.
Mounting Adapter Datasheet


  • Precision Mechanical Equipment

  • Piezoelectric ceramics are used as a power source for fine motion actuators in scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and atomic force microscopes (AFM).

  • Medical Equipment

  • Piezoelectric ceramics are used as an ultrasonic oscillation/receiving source for diagnostic imaging using ultrasonic echoes and for detecting air bubbles in the tubes of infusion and dialysis equipment.

  • Automotive Field

  • In the automobile field, which is a pioneer of computerization, piezoelectric ceramics are used in engine control sensors and ultrasonic sensors for detecting nearby obstacles.
    In addition, Fuji Ceramics piezoelectric sensors, such as acceleration sensors, AE sensors, and force sensors, play an active role in development and field testing.

  • Marine Equipment

  • The development of maritime communications, which is said to have been triggered by the sinking of the Titanic, has led to the creation of underwater ultrasonic detectors and fish finders, in which ultrasonic waves are oscillated and received by piezoelectric ceramics.

  • Industrial Equipment

  • In a wide range of industrial equipment fields, ultrasonic cleaning machines for various precision cleaning, parts feeders for supplying small parts for automatic equipment, ultrasonic welding machines for plastics, industrial inkjet printers for large-format printing, etc., ultrasonic oscillation, vibration and Actuator functionality is derived from piezoceramics.

  • Semiconductor Equipment

  • In the field of semiconductors, piezoelectric ceramics are used in actuators and ultrasonic wave oscillation/reception, such as wire bonders for high-speed bonding of fine wiring of integrated circuits using ultra-fine wires, pure water flow control during silicon wafer processing, and ultrasonic flowmeters.

  • Welfare Equipment

  • Piezoelectric ceramics are used in actuators that raise and lower the pins of braille displays used by the visually impaired.

  • Consumer Products

  • Autofocus of cameras, dust removal from optical lenses, ultrasonic PC touch panels, ultrasonic sensors that detect double feeding of scanners, ultrasonic beauty devices for skin care, etc. Vibration by piezoelectric ceramics, actuators, Ultrasound function is used.

  • Various Other Equipment

  • In addition, various sensors using ultrasonic waves by piezoelectric ceramics are used in fields such as security, oil field and geological exploration measurement.

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