RL-C21M: Vibration Control and Data Acquisition System

Top-of-the-line vibration control system for electrodynamic shakers, featuring up to 8 input channels in one box, direct control of power amplifiers, support for voltage and temperature measurements, and combined vibration and climatic tests. The controller visualizes temperature and humidity-related data and generates automatic reports.
RL-C21M vibration control system provides outstanding accuracy of control, reliability and high safety standard. Vibration control systems produced by RULA Technologies are used with a specialized software package for running vibration tests – TestUP. The software supports all types of vibration tests: Sine, Random, Shock, SRoR, SRS, TTH, FDR, and others. Furthermore, the software enables running and controlling of multishaker tests.



RL-C21M is an advanced multi-purpose device with improved metrological characteristics and powerful testing capabilities:

  • Extended frequency range: DC ÷ 80000 Hz
  • Extended voltage measurement range up to 40 V
  • DC current and DC voltage measurement
  • Thermistor and thermocouple connection

The device has multichannel scalable architecture and constructively comes in two modifications — with four or eight input channels in one unit. RL-C21M can be scaled up to 64 input and 16 output channels. Powered by our advanced vibration testing software, RL-C21M supports the widest range of vibration tests and sensor types, including voltage current and temperature sensors.
The device has a modular scalable architecture and comes in two modifications with up to 8 input channels in one unit. RL-C21M can be scaled up to 64 input and 16 output channels to perform multishaker vibration testing or acquire data from a large number of sensors.
RL-C21M system allows for direct power amplifier control and combined vibration and climatic tests. The controller visualizes temperature and humidity-related data and generates automatic reports.
RL-C21M combines three primary functions in one box thanks to the dedicated software solutions:

  • Vibration testing system with a vibration control software TestUP
  • Sensor calibration system with a calibration module
  • Data acquisition system with software for data recording and analysis SignalUp


  • Enhanced technical features:

– Wider frequency range DC to 80 000 Hz
– Extended voltage range up to 40 V
– Scaling up to 64 input and 16 output channels
– 4-8 inputs in one unit
– Control by strain gauge and force sensors

  • New measurement capabilities

RL-C21M back panel has designated inputs for DC voltage and current measurements, connectors for K-type thermocouples and PT-100 temperature sensors.

  • Range of sensor types

The system works with IEPE, TEDS, charge accelerometers, force, velocity, displacement and temperatures sensors.

  • Power amplifier control

RL-C21M automates vibration testing process allowing you to control the state and gain of the power amplifier from your PC via ModBus TCP protocol.

  • Combined vibration and climatic test

RL-C21M unique hardware configuration and pro­gram capabilities enable running combined vibration and climatic tests via Modbus TCP protocol.

  • Multishaker tests

The system can control up to 8 shakers and runs a number of multishaker tests in 6 DoF with unmatched accuracy.

  • Autonomous tests

The system can work stand-alone with a remote-control unit. The critical test parameters are displayed on the front panel LCD screen.  Automatic recording and visualization of temperature-related data.



Input channels 1 ÷ 64
Input type / Sensor type IEPE, TEDS, linear, charge,
displacement, velocity, force,
strain*, temperature
Voltage range ±10 ÷ ± 40 V
Dynamic range 120 dB
Number of digital inputs 8



Output channels 1 ÷ 16
Number of digital outputs 8



Frequency range DC ÷ 80 000 Hz
DAC/ADC resolution 24 bits
Temperature range 10 ÷ 40 °C
Dimensions < 395 x 280 x 55 mm
Weight 2.7 kg
Power supply 110 ÷ 245 AC, 47(63) Hz V
Sample rate up to 216 kHz
Power consumption 50 VA

Software features

  • Sine
  • Resonance Search and Tracking Dwell
  • Random
  • Shock
  • Sine on Random, Random on Random, Sine and Random on Random, Sine on Sine
  • Field Data Replication
  • Shock Response Spectrum
  • Transient Time History
  • Transient Capture
  • Data Recording
  • Multishaker tests
  • Fatigue tests



  • Vibration tests according to ISO, DIN, IEC, and others in Aerospace, Automotive, Telecom and other industries
  • Tests of serial production
  • Research and Development
  • Fatigue tests

Technical FAQ

Where can I get a software update?

On our website in the Downloads section. Please mind that you need to log in to download the updates. You can access the demo software version without logging in.

During start-up the signal from the sensor is “too great/small”.

First of all, check the correctness of the sensor type settings (ICP, charge or linear) in TestUp software, and the sensor sensitivity. If the problem is still there – no signal, or it is too small, check the integrity of the sensor cable. If the problem has not been solved, check the ICP power current (in case it is an ICP sensor) or connect the sensor to a different channel.

There is high noise level on the shaker, caused by the product, which is operating on it outside the testing zone. How do I not take it into consideration during control?

If it is Sine test, you should set the “Synchronous detector” control algorithm for the control channel. In case of Random test, select the “in the task spectrum” parameter in the drop-down menu “RMS is calculated in…” of the “Control” tab.

Can any problems occur due to the antivirus installed on my PC?

We do not recommend using anti-virus programmes on your PC when working with RL-C21. As the PC communicates with the devices through the network, the antivirus software may sometimes block the data transfer. In case the antivirus software is installed and cannot be deleted, we recommend adding TestUp and the folder, to which it is installed, to the list of antivirus exceptions, or disable the protection.

Are the settings of channels and shakers, which I specify, saved?

The settings are saved to separate databases, and, having specified them once, you are able to use those in all tests.

TestUP does not see the device. There is a message saying that the device has not been found.

Check the connection of Ethernet cable to the device and PC. Check if the device is loading. The words “RL-C21” should appear on the screen, and if you hold the “Stop” button for more than 3 seconds, it will display the information about the IP-address, serial number and the subnet mask. Another thing to check in case TestUp does not see the device is whether Windows Firewall is enabled and whether there is an antivirus installed. They should be disabled.


RL-C21M: Vibration Testing System Expert Review

RL-C21M, the ultimate tool for vibration testing and measurement, has finally hit the shelves. We decided to ask an expert opinion on this new addition to our product line — and show you, how powerful it really is.
The vibration testing system featuring up to 8 inputs in one box, frequency range DC ÷ 80000 Hz, as well as support for voltage and temperature sensors, is finally available for purchase.


Vibration Controller RL-C21M — all advantages in one video

The latest addition to the RULA product line is a powerful 8-channel vibration controller that combines vibration and climatic tests through Modbus TCP protocol and allows measuring the DC voltage, current, and temperature.
This is what our new device has to offer:
✔Combined vibration and climatic tests
✔Temperature sensor input
✔Environmental chamber and amplifier control via Modbus protocol
✔Extended operating voltage range up to 40 V
✔Separate DC voltage and current measurement inputs
✔Frequency range DC-80000 Hz


RL-C2M Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014 30 EU
RL-C2M Low Voltage Directive 2014 35 EU
RL-C21M: Vibration Control and Data Acquisition System Brochure
RL-C21M: Vibration Control and Data Acquisition System Leaflet

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