Soundcam Octagon


All-in-One Soundcam Octagon for Demanding Measurements to Localize Sound Sources

This new system is perfectly suited for demanded measurements. Whether performing detailed acoustic analysis of products and components, locating leaks in buildings and pipelines, or performing correlation measurements on rotating machinery for order analysis, the Octagon sound camera is ready to deliver accurate results.

Due to the dense microphone distribution, beamforming as well as holography measurements are possible – covering a frequency range of 30 Hz – 24 kHz.



From acoustic data acquisition to data analysis – this innovative sound camera offers all components for acoustic measurements, data acquisition and data analysis. This allows sound sources to be easily and quickly localized and analyzed.

The integrated data acquisition makes it a handy system with no set-up time. 12 digital and 4 analog channels can be directly connected to the Octagon for your additional sensors.

Use the sound analysis software NoiseImage for post-processing to correlate the additional information with the acoustic signals.

The fiber-carbon construction makes the octagon stable and light at the same time, integrated handles allow for easy transport or handheld measurements. All these features make the Octagon the perfect system for a wide range of applications in R&D, quality assurance, maintenance or environmental acoustics.

Advantage of Soundcam Octagon
  • All-in-one Acoustic Camera
  • Extremly high acoustic dynamic
  • Excellent holography results due to high microphone density
  • Interface for 12 digital and 4 analog channels
  • Acoustically transparent

Technical Data

Array body dimensions 90 x 82 x 19 cm
Weight 5 kg (without tripod, cable)
Video camera Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D435
Resolution 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
Sampling rate microphones: 24 and 48 kS/s (32 Bit)
digital: 48-6144 kHz
IEPE: 24-192 kS/s (32 Bit)
Additional channels 12 digital channels
4 analog channels
(each switchable dc or voltage-input)
Microphones MEMS (Infineon IM69D130)
Frequency response 20 Hz – 24 kHz
100 Hz – 10 kHz (< 0.5 dB)
28 Hz – 20 kHz (< 3 dB)
Max. sound pressure level 130 dB at 10 % THD
Noise level 25 dB(A)
Sensitivity (1 kHz, 94 dB SPL) -36 dBFS
Acoustic channels 192
Recommended measurement distance > 0.5 m (beamforming)
< 0.15 m (acoustic holography)
Acoustic mapping range 9 dB – 120 dB
Recommended mapping frequencies 170 Hz – 24 kHz (beamforming)
30 Hz – 2 kHz with near field (acoustic holography)
Dynamic range
(Distance to the source: 1 m;
calculation points: 90.000)
15 dB – 27 dB, up to 50 dB with advanced algorithms
Ingress protection code IP20
Operating environment 0 °C – 40 °C, up to 80 % RH (desktop operation)


  • Detailed acoustic analysis of products and components
  • Detection of masked sources
  • Leakage detection for buildings and pipes
  • Correlation measurements order analysis of rotating parts
  • Measurements in R&D, quality assurance, maintenance or environmental acoustics


Octagon in Action
ACOUSTIC CAMERA: Leakage Detection on Windows and Doors

The all-in-one soundcam Octagon can be used to identify energy-saving potential by detecting thermal bridges and leaks on buildings. In the video, the Acoustic Camera Octagon identifies leaks and leakage at a window as well as at a garage door. The power beamforming method used generates extremely accurate measurement data and acoustic images. Similar to measurements with thermal imaging cameras, the results are displayed in color. The advantage of the Acoustic Camera is that the measurement is independent of temperature and can therefore also be carried out in summer.


Acoustic Camera Soundcam Octagon

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