RL-A1000: Digital Power Amplifier 1200VA

Easy-to-use class-D power amplifier designed to work with electro-dynamic shakers in the lab or in production. The nominal output power of the amplifier is 1200 VA.
The amplifier is distinguished by high efficiency, accuracy, and low THD of the output signal. Among other advantages are the lightweight and compact case.
The device has a smart protection system, which monitors the main parameters of the device to prevent failures and equipment damage. In case it detects overheating, overcurrent, short circuit, or deviation of any other parameters, the device switches off the output stage.
The embedded LCD of the device displays the main parameters: the output current and voltage, temperature, and other information about the state of the system.
RL-A1000 can be operated in AMPER and VOLT mode.
The amplifier provides the user with the ability to adjust the gain from 0% to 100% (in 5% steps). The cooling system allows adaptive air flow control to reduce noise when the amplifier is running at low power.



THD < 0.2 %
Signal-to-noise ratio > 80 dB



Frequency range DC ÷ 20000 Hz
Output power 1200 VA
Maximum output voltage (RMS) 78 V
Maximum output current (RMS) 18.5 A



Dimensions 390×290×75 mm
Weight 5.4 kg
Power supply (50-60 Hz) 1~/N/PE 180-240 V
Load impedance 4 Ohm

Technical FAQ

TestUp does not see the device. There is a message saying that the device has not been found.

Check the connection of Ethernet cable to the device and PC. Check if the device is loading. The words “RL-C21” should appear on the screen, and if you hold the “Stop” button for more than 3 seconds, it will display the information about the IP-address, serial number and the subnet mask. Another thing to check in case TestUp does not see the device is whether Windows Firewall is enabled and whether there is an antivirus installed. They should be disabled


RL-A1000 Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014 30 EU

RL-A1000 Low Voltage Directive 2014 35 EU

RL-A1000: Digital Power Amplifier 1200VA Leaflet

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